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My home shower routine needs to level up. Basil kicked over the diluted shampoo in the middle of getting soaked, so I just did conditioner this week.

My shower shampoo diluting containers got us through puppy hood (see below). We're taking a budget DIY approach.

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I was thinking of using some old water bottles with a closed lid and squeeze nosle.. like the green/orange iconic gatorade bottles you see football players drink from.

Basil's my first dog, so we're learning together -- and in collaboration with the PF community. It takes a village to raise a poodle.

When you give your furbaby a bath a home, what kind of container do you prefer to use to hold the diluted soap & conditioner?

Furbaby in question--
"Just woke up and rolled out of bed"
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We use nature specialities plum silk & almond crisp and follow their dilution recommendations. Basil's 7mo old & 38#s.
A groomer on you tube suggested net scrubbies (2 bucks on Amazon) for washing dogs. I couldn't believe how much better and faster it was for applying shampoo. I just thought the other day, why haven't I been using it for conditioner. Duh, not as smart as my poodle.
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