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SHAME, SHAME, SHAME (open invite!)

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I think these are self-explanatory... 馃檮馃榿

Dog Water dog Toy Handwriting Mammal

Dog Handwriting Carnivore Dog breed Fawn

Anyone care to share??? The Shame, Shame, Shame Support Group is now called to order. 馃槀
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Phoebe Duck, TKI. Frannie Jane pitt mix
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"I saw a flock of wild turkeys today so I chased them. I came home soaking wet and left muddy paw prints all over the floor." ~ Jasper

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"I spent 15 minutes outside but wouldn't get off the deck. I decided to pee in the house for the first time in 4 months instead." ~ Also Jasper

He's having a rough day today.
Your floors are having a rough day...
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