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Greetings, and welcome to this month's photo contest! The theme is Stretch Your Creativity!

Last month's contest had many entries, so I'm guessing a lot of you will like to take a break. Thus this month will be a mini-contest with only two categories likely to be very appealing to at least a few of you.

~ Open to all members, for their poodles or poodle-mixes. Must be your dog. Entries are accepted will be from Friday Sept 14 to Sun Sept 23rd @ 8pm EST (East coast time).

~ Voting Poll will be around Sunday night Sept 23 until Sun night Sept 30th.
When voting you may vote for more than one photo or video.

~ Winners & Awards Announced on Sunday night 9/30 or Monday evening 10/1.

Please submit your contest entries and questions on this thread.

Here are the simple rules and categories this month, so read carefully.]

a) You may enter in one of both categories.

b) You may enter up to three shots in the Art Transformation category, or one video in the YouTube category.

c) You may remove your entry at any time before the Voting poll begins to photo edit, photo shop or tweak it and then resubmit it, or to use another photo instead in the same category.

d) When it's time to vote, PF members can for all the photo and video entries they like.


1. Art Transformation - You may use any photo of your poodle you want, even if it's a past contest entry, but this time you will transform it into a work of art.

You will use a photo editiing software program such as Photoshop, LunaPic (free), or any other one of your choice. Show the before/original shot with 1 to 2 shots of it transformed.

See samples of the wonderful art you can easily create on this thread beginning on Posts 12. These are great for upcoming holiday cards, as screensavers, or to frame.

2. YouTube Star! - Starring your poodle! He or she can being doing anything - or nothing. A few ideas are playing in the house, yard, or water, doing something cute, funny or a trick, hanging out with other pets or animals, doing service work, in a show, getting groomed, giving birth, at the vet, at the park, in your bed, on the roof (nah, just joking), etc.

Good luck!

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Here is a video of Luna that I posted awhile ago but I thought it would work for this contest since it is short and cute and really shows her joy. It鈥檚 also special to me because I took the video the day before she left to go with her show handler. I like to watch it and remember how full of life she is and look forward to her return!

If there ends up not being a contest this month because of lack of participation that is fine Vita. Was still nice of you to set this up.
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I try so hard to keep her entertained but sometimes she is not amused at all!

I call this video "If it ain't real, don't waste my time ......."

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