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Welcome to the September PF Photo Contest!
We have two intriguing categories this month:

1) Boundaries: Doorways, Windows, & Fences - Doors leave one place and enter into another. Windows are for looking out or in, and bringing in light or for privacy. Fences designate boundaries. In this category, your poodle or poodle-mix is on one side or the other.

This idea is from two past photo contests at Hair of the Dog Blog on their pages here and here and expanded to include fences and windows; see those links for ideas.

2) Shadows - Here, the shadow or silhouette of your poodle or poodle-mix is visible in your photograph(s), or we see shadows across his/her face and/or body, or dramatic shadows in the background. Photos may be in color or black & white.

The shadows idea came from this page at Hair of the Dog Blog, see their pics.

***You may enter in only one category, and submit 1 to 3 photos.***

We need at least two entries by contestants in any category to make it competitive; if there is only one entry in a category, that contestant will receive an Honorary Award and still get the screensaver gifts.

Submit your September Contest photos on this thread.
Please include the category you're entering and the name of your poodle.

Entry deadline is Wed 9/18 at 6pm East Coast Time or 3pm West Coast Time.

The Voting Poll begins after that and will run ten days, followed by awards and screensaver gifts! :)

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Thanks for the links to Hair of the Dog. What a fun website! And beautiful photos. I should ask Santa for a new camera for Christmas and stop using my cell phone for everything.
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Poodlebeguild's polite lads, Matisse & Maurice - in & out, in & out all the live long day.

Can we come in please?

Can we go out now please?


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I鈥檒l submit both my first Poodle love and now my second! I may have another theme going on too Poodles & pops of paint color

Gixxer at Cadillac Ranch in Texas posing next his Graffiti art name in the hot hot sun on our cross country road trip. Yes that鈥檚 a Cadillac half sticking out of the ground!

Ducati loves finding the shade on our beltline walks!

Ducati enjoying our little break under a shadowy artsy bridge while listening to the lovely piano player in the back. Can you see him?

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