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Separation Anxiety

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Captain has never been overly anxious, until he went to the groomer for a few hours on Monday.

Ever since then, he whines and cries in his crate, and even worse starts to bark.

How do I work on it to help him get over his problem? I don't need him whining and crying all the time while we are out of the house or have him in his crate during dinner, at night, etc.
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Boy, I sure hope my client dogs aren't traumatized by being crated while at my salon. I am careful to comfort them and not let panic or abandonment set in

The salon I use doesn't use crates. They have large pens. This is great for us. Maybe u should look around for another groomer.
Go back to spending some time getting him used to his crate... crate games- in and out for treats etc.

Then when you do leave leave him wtih kong with goodies in it. Leave for a minute or two and come back.

My guy jackson spent weekend at a friends house the nights in this crate and hs gone back to NOT being happy in his crate- (he suffered from sep anxiety when i got him)

this is good booklet on it- we send it home with a lot of our rescue dogs.
I'll Be Home Soon-Dog Behavior Problem Solving Booklets at Patricia McConnell
I love Patricia!
Well, the nighttime separation anxiety was not the fact that I was not in the room, it was the fact that there were no lights on. I put a nightlight on in the kitchen last night, and he didn't bark. Is it normal for a dog to be afraid of the dark?
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