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I used to have the same problem with Zeke and Dory (when I still had her). The second I walked out the door the screeching and crying and scratching would start. I learned to totally ignore, and within a few times, by the time I made it all the way out to my car, the noise had stopped.

I also used to make a big deal about saying hello when I got back home where they would get all excited, jump up on me, and run around.

I changed how I left and returned. Now when I leave I simply say, “I gotta go out for a while... see you soon. Be good “ and not sound playful or exciting them in any way. It’s just very matter of fact.

After a short while of toning down my exits and entries, they stopped even walking me to the door to see me go. They just stay on their bed or playing by themself. Maybe this will help you too. I have heard it said that big returns = bad exits.

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