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Separation anxiety....

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Most would think I'm talking about the puppy and separation anxiety... But funny thing is, I'm talking about me!

I dropped snoops at the groomers this morning and as usual he was shaking and nervous. I let him go, and I saw them put him in a kennel... The big window displayed it all.... I was so heartbroken to see him behind those bars :(. It tore me up and I had to leave quickly... This is the first time I broke into tears.

How do I handle this? Is it my anxiety for his upcoming neuter? How can I separate myself a bit?.... :( :( :(
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The first time I had to board Toby I had to drop him off before I went to work and when I got to work I started crying in front of a customer LOL! It is hard...
Thanks jenspoo... Good to know I'm not the only crybaby...!
Each day I get more and more attached to my little guy.. I hate to see him scared or sad. What's gonna happen when I actually have children?! Yikes!

Last time at the groomers they cut his belly up pretty bad and didn't even tell me! Brought him to a new place today, so definitely was feeling nervous...

Groomers just called and I'm on my way to get him! :)

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Just remember that the more nervous you are, the more nervous he'll be. All he knows is that you're dropping him off some place new and you're upset about it. If you drop him off and you're happy and excited, he'll think he's getting something great and the whole experience will be better. Also, the more he goes, the more he'll realize that you ARE coming back.
and don't think of it as being behind bars, he's just chilling out in a kennel watching what's going on till it's his turn.

but even saying all that, I know exactly how you feel. I had to drop my dog off at a boarding place once and it was horrible watching her try to get back to me after they took her. But, I knew she'd be fine and they'd take great care of her.
Even though I'm a groomer, when I get my spoo I'm planning on dropping him off at work so someone else can groom him sometimes and just to get us both used to it. The thought makes me panic a little, and that's with knowing I can 100% trust my salon and coworkers.

don't worry, it'll get easier with time!
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