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Secure Toy Poodle Harness Advice

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I have a 9 month old toy poodle, Pippa. She's 2.5kg, her neck is 18cm and her chest is 30cm. Her height is about 27cm. Her coat is super fine and soft, so she gets matted very easily.

I'm really struggling finding a harness that fits her and doesn't mat her fur terribly. If they fit around her chest they are massive around her neck, and if they fit around her neck they don't do up around her chest. The Perfect Fit harnesses do exactly what they say, but the fleece leaves her badly matted.

The last harness I tried fitted her well but came off twice whilst she was playing with another dog in the park. I'll never be using that again!

Can anyone recommend anything please? All advice and recommendations very welcome!

Thanks, Sue & Pippa
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Since you are asking for "secure" harness advice, I am assuming you are looking for somethign escape proof. I live on a pretty busy street right outside of NYC, so this was really critical for me also.
These are a few I like:
I hope this helps. I had the hardest time finding secure harnesses for Sophie, especially when she was younger. I like the Ruff Wear Front Range harness, but my sister's Lhasa can escape hers and the XXS is too small for Sophie, so I had to look at different options.
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