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Casey is going through a bark at every little noise thing I think has to do with a fear stage...I have been ignoring it until she gets the other going. If things get too serious she gets squrted with the water bottle.

She was being overly shy a few weeks ago, so I gave everyone who came in a cookie to give her, AFTER she sat as THEY instructed her, not me.

I take treats with me when on walks, and anyone who asks to pet her gets to give her a treat, after she sits for them. I even stalked the mail man with treats and her for 3 days in a row to MAKE SURE he gave her attention during this stage. You should have seen her wagging her tail for the UPS driver...she though he would have a treat for her too. She was happy when she figured out I got them a case of lamb ears...and when she didn't bark at him for knocking on the door she got the 1st one out of the box!

Now she is bounding up and sitting right in front of everyone she sees...DO YOU HAVE A COOKIE FOR ME??? Too funny! When someone knocks she will bark once or twice, then sit and wait for them to come in and give her a cookie.

Just have to be patient...I am sure she will come out of it soon!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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