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Sara Lee

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Here's Katy's newest "project"... a foster beagle baby!! She was purchased by a young man who told Katy that he didn't "realize how much responsibility a puppy was" :wacko: He asked Katy if she'd take the puppy (and asked her if she'd give him some $$ for her because she was "expensive") to which Katy said "No, thanks!"

She told him that she'd take the puppy to foster until we can find a forever home for her but she wouldn't pay him anything for her. He "threatened" to take her to the humane society but when Katy explained that he would be required to pay a surrender fee, he just handed her over to Katy!

Her name was "Champ" (which both Katy and I felt wasn't quite right for this baby girl) and Katy changed it to Sara Lee because she's a bagel (beagle) and "nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"!! She's been a good girl so far (Katy picked her up on Sunday) and she is definitely a confident little bugger as evidenced by the short video I've added... Here's Sara Lee!!

Here's Sara Lee and Lucybug...

And here's a little wrestle party! See what I mean about Sara's confidence??

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