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Sam's tricks

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After our dog Sam had his emergency splenectomy, we decided to get some of his tricks on video so we could remember him. Sam died a couple of weeks ago 5 months after his diagnosis. I'm filming and my mom is doing the tricks.

In this one, he does his tissue trick. Unfortunately I cut it off a bit early, but you can see how it works. We did it about 15 times in a row and he only did it perfectly this once (the other times he grabbed the box rather than the individual tissue.)


Here's an extended version I just put together. My first ever movie (inspired by Harley_chik).


And in this one he plays dead.


The whiner in the background is Ziggy, who had to go in her crate because she kept interfering.
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So sorry to hear about Sam. One of my best friends lost her PWD a couple years ago to Hemangiosarcoma after an emergency splenectomy.

The tricks are great! (your mom was a bad shot though... she had to shoot him twice! :biggrin:)
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