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This section is my favourite on this forum and I'm long over-due for posting some new photos of Sammy.

Most mornings in the summer Sammy and I can be found in the kayak, and he's taken to standing on, walking around, or sitting right on the top of the front deck, which is not only slippery, but also convex. The first photo is of him in his comfort zone - on the deck. He reaches over and grabs a drink of water, and just loves to watch the scenery go by. He has only fallen into the drink a couple of times....as he's only 9 lbs, I just scoop him back up. He's an amazing swimmer, and had me chasing him into shore on one occasion when he jumped in to swim over to a dog on shore. The goof.

The 2nd photo shows him in his home-comfort-zone...on the most comfortable chair in the house, which is right beside the front window...allow him to keep an eagle eye for anyone passing by, especially if they're walking a dog. He loves to call out to all his friends passing by.

We get out for lots of walks and hikes, and the 3rd photo shows him on one of those trails, something else he adores....and speaking of adore, that's him with my daughter in the last photo.

He turns one year old next month, and has been declared The Perfect Pet.
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