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When going to the store I see every toy as a potential unsafe toy to leave Ivan alone with. About the only thing I would leave him with is the KONG thing. I do know it depends on the dog, but what are some safe toys you are able to leave your poodle with. And have you ever had a problem with your dogs eating on blankets?
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For me the kong would be it. I dont leave them with toys - not sure why, but I dont.

And yes Olie has been with no soft bed for about 2 weeks - he chewed an opening and pulled the stuffing out, it was everywhere and I am sure a stuffing snack as well:doh:
My GR used to gut toys. It was her job LOL. She would pull out all the stuffing until she found the squeaker. Once found she's bring it to us and then it was our job to go buy her a new toy. She never ate the stuffing.

So far Jasper has no interest in ripping apart his toys. If given rawhide he chews for a bit but never chews through enough to get bites off. And he has no interest in his Kong. (If anyone has a trick for getting peanut butter out of it please do share! I've tried bottle brushes, dishwasher, etc..) In his crate he doesn't really get any toys or a bed yet. If he did, I'd probably choose his big purple Wubba octopus. It seems sturdy enough.
Mine get toys all the time. They carry them all the time. I think they want to "show me something".
Riley likes to destuff toys too (except one time i got him a stuffed frog when we moved houses, that was the only toy he had for weeks and he never destuffed it!). For toys to leave with a young dog i would go with anything indestructable. Kong, hard nylabone (not the gummy kind), orbee toys, planet dog toys, etc.
Riley has never ate/destuffed towels or beds. When he does destuff things he Never injests it. Just leaves it all in a pile on the floor.
I leave toys with my guys, have not had a problem. yes they destuff them, but its ok, they dont eat the innards.

Anja (borzoi) got a kong stuck on her bottom jaw while trying to eat the filling. thankfully I was home, and was able to take it off without hurting her, or having to cut it off.
kong nylabones.

i leave the toys with no stuffing... (Skinies? can't remember the name)
Desmond thankfully doesn't eat stuffing or parts to toys or beds, but I still don't feel comfortable leaving him with any unattended. I don't even want to leave him with a kong in his crate, honestly. He'd probably start playing with it and get his paw stuck in the crate while goofing around. He goes in his crate with nothing (on occasion, water and food bowls) as I don't want to take any risk. No bedding, since he hates it lol. We had a sheepskin cloth cover for his crate when he was a puppy. He'd chew the ends of it in an attempt to pull it up. He'd bunch it over in one corner and sleep on the exposed plastic, so.. no more bed! LOL He just doesn't like soft bedding in his crate. But he would never destroy it, just chew on it and move it around.

I don't trust leaving puppies alone (like completely alone, he's the only one in the house) with anything, honestly. But if you're just talking around the house while you're in the other room- Nylabones, Kong toys, those tough tire toys at the pet store, etc. Other indestructible plastic/rubber toys. Nylabones are a favorite of mine- we have one from the first week we got Desmond, it's still totally intact, he still chews it from time to time!! :) Firehose dog toys are a good soft toy that's supposedly extremely tough to rip up. All the employees at my Petco say that's the only stuffy they have that seems to be really tough according to all the customers. I've never bought one, as they're quite expensive (IMO) and I don't think Desmond would care for it.
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