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Sable/Brindle... poodles.. :O

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So after reading that these exist on another thread, I went on google images and got... like 5 pictures and alot were puppies.. and pups dont really help me get an idea of what one would look like as an adult.

Certainly someone on here owns/has seen a sable or brindle poodle, can someone please describe what these look like as adults and if possible post some pics? this really has spiked my interest
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Absolutely !!!! As soon as I see somebody marketing a "fad" , I cringe, but it is just me :eyebrows:

I also am absolutely against culling the pups for any reason except if puppy is so deformed that it is incompatible with life. My first spoo had a white marking on his chest and was not show dog, that is for sure !!! I loved him to death and to this day he is the most perfect dog I ever had or knew - now was he to be bred !??? I do not think so !

I absolutely agree that anybody who is breeding for size, color and any other "popular" combo at the given time and is not doing any health testing, or taking care of the temperament component - is breeding solely for profit !!!! And that is WRONG ! Royals can have structural problems and also are more prone to bloat : (((. If one puppy in the litter happens to be a "royal" size (which would be really very rare with excellent breeder who examines lines to the finest detail and plans breeding carefully), than of course, that pup is going to have parents that were checked for genetic disorders and OFA and CERF etc. and he will be somebody's perfect pet ! BUT, if allll puppies are "royals" , than that breeding was planned to produce unusually big dogs just because somebody might to prefer HUDGE standard just for the looks. If somebody is producing puppies " just to sell fast", than that person is breeding not to improve the breed or for the love of a breed but for the love of the MONEY ! And that person is most likely to skip testing since it is expensive and overbreed to make a profit and so on ... I do not know - to me it is very clear cut deal.
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Oh my god :wacko:, I do not even have a comment ... What are they doing to a poodle is just criminal and would be funny if it was not sad : ((( What is a poodle now - POINTER .... SHEEP DOG .... just...just ... :doh:
OK - if anybody wishes a "flashy" BOXERDOODLE _ just go here http://www.debbiesdoodleranch.com/

Unbelievable !!!! I mean unbelievable in many ways :wacko: Why would anybody in their right mind come up with the idea of mixing Boxer to a Poolde (I mean all purposeful mixing is just so wrong on so many levels...) BUT BOXER ??? AND - why would anybody in their right mind PAY that much money for a mix when there are thousands mixes puppies killed in pounds yearly : ((( ???? This world is going nuts ... wish there is another planet to fly to LOL
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