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Sable/Brindle... poodles.. :O

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So after reading that these exist on another thread, I went on google images and got... like 5 pictures and alot were puppies.. and pups dont really help me get an idea of what one would look like as an adult.

Certainly someone on here owns/has seen a sable or brindle poodle, can someone please describe what these look like as adults and if possible post some pics? this really has spiked my interest
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Some Brindle Partis

I think they're all gorgeous, especially the last one, I looooove grey and white partis / grey and white brindle partis
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I am sorry that brindle dog is Hideous !

I have seen parti brindles and that looks fine to me but a solid brindle .yuck
Oh, I have to disagree, I think he's gorgeous!
Speaking of Merle Pitbulls, I found a picture of a Blue Merle Poodle. I think the coloring is gorgeous, but I HIGHLY doubt it's a full bred poodle. It's got to have some aussie in it or something.

And here's a site that has merle minis. http://www.utopiapoodles.com/merle.html


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OK - if anybody wishes a "flashy" BOXERDOODLE _ just go here http://www.debbiesdoodleranch.com/

Unbelievable !!!! I mean unbelievable in many ways :wacko: Why would anybody in their right mind come up with the idea of mixing Boxer to a Poolde (I mean all purposeful mixing is just so wrong on so many levels...) BUT BOXER ??? AND - why would anybody in their right mind PAY that much money for a mix when there are thousands mixes puppies killed in pounds yearly : ((( ???? This world is going nuts ... wish there is another planet to fly to LOL
Ew =/ I love boxers and I love poodles.. but not the inbetween lol
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