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Sable/Brindle... poodles.. :O

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So after reading that these exist on another thread, I went on google images and got... like 5 pictures and alot were puppies.. and pups dont really help me get an idea of what one would look like as an adult.

Certainly someone on here owns/has seen a sable or brindle poodle, can someone please describe what these look like as adults and if possible post some pics? this really has spiked my interest
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I just replied to the thread about multicolor poodles, but I don't mind posting the info again. Just an FYI, these were the best examples of the actual way they look, but the colors of brindles and sables can vary.

Here's the website,

First pic is of a brindle, second is of a sable.


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That was a lovely analogy :D

Yeah, the brindle is not as noticeable as it is on the attached pic. From afar it looks like a black that has sun bleaching. I've seen pictures of silver/white brindles and again it's not too noticeable from afar.

I don't really like the sort of off yellow color mixed with brown most sables seem to have.

Not to mention how really unpredictable the coat is. You never really know what colors and patterns your going to end up with.

Though I have to admit that the sable in the pictures Fluffyspoos has provided looks very cool and interesting. That's a sable I wouldn't mind owning.
As silvers and silver partis I don't mind the sable and brindle.

It's just that really weird off yellow/brown color I dislike. Looks like most outgrow it.
I am really iffy on sable and brindle being a natural accuring color and I think that another breed had to have introduced the color. The majorty of brindles/sables are not of good quality.

The same could be said for Cockers & Chihuahuas.
I'm going to have to agree...I mean the poodles on that site posted earlier are extremely big! 29 inches is really huge! Not to mention they look a bit off balance because their rears are so high up!

Some of them look very interesting but I would rather not sacrifice the quality of the dog for the color or pattern.


Further perusing of their site reveals they are breeding "royals" *rolls eyes*
Their Rears look high up because she shot them on a hill with their front going down hill. I know because I have done the same type of photo shoot. Not appealing for anything with length like dogs and horses. It's always best to shoot them going up hill.

As for the colors and size, god made them so enjoy them. Unfortunately breeders used to kill the "ugly" or "non-conforming" to their standard pup. Now people can enjoy all of gods creations.
Several pictures were taken on a flat surface when they are not moving, and their rears continue to be high, so I don't understand how them walking down hill has anything to do with it. Everyone is welcome to interpret their photos in whatever manner they like, that's how I see them.

And breeders(not all, most spay/neuter and put in pet homes) continue to cull non-conforming pups from ALL breeds. I don't think it is right, but I also don't think it's right to try and breed larger because of the health problems that can arise. If we didn't have a breed standard, we wouldn't have a breed.

I don't care about the color of the dog, because we all have different taste. What I find unattractive another may love. I like parti's, but I don't like the other multi-colors. I said nothing about culling, I just said I would not want to own a poodle with those markings because *I* don't like the way it looks. I just don't like people breeding for just color, size, or both. Many people are doing just that whether it be parti's, teacups, or royals. I would rather have a healthy poodle, not a poodle bought solely on the color or size.

IMHO the site mentioned earlier is breeding royals, which I don't agree with. Purposefully breeding bigger seems risky, regardless of what colors they choose to breed.

I also have no problem with partis, phantoms, sables, brindles, etc. I do have a problem with people who breed these colors with no regard towards the health of the dog and the breed standard.
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Lighten up folks...Boy if we humans had to breed to the standards you all want then god wouldn't have anybody left.
Well I don't get what god has to do with this.

They are breeding them big, not god. They are choosing who to breed together so they can get bigger dogs.


And to clarify, I do not think that a puppy in a litter that is born bigger then normal or "royal" should be culled, but definitely not used in breeding unless the breeder intends to use a smaller bitch/stud to balance it out. Even then a lot of research into both of the pedigrees should be examined in order to make the decision. If not, they should be spayed/neutered and live their life as a lovely pet.
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