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Sable/Brindle... poodles.. :O

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So after reading that these exist on another thread, I went on google images and got... like 5 pictures and alot were puppies.. and pups dont really help me get an idea of what one would look like as an adult.

Certainly someone on here owns/has seen a sable or brindle poodle, can someone please describe what these look like as adults and if possible post some pics? this really has spiked my interest
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Where did brindles come from ? where they always a color within the breed?

I have never read any info or history about poodles coming in brindle ?

I have seen merle "poodle" but those are definitely mixes
That is a good question, Roxy. I cannot recall ever seeing a brindle poodle of any size. Like merle, I suspect a cross to another breed has been made. It is sad that people are taken in by ads for colors/patterns that are not supposed to exist in a breed. Reputable breeders work very, very hard to breed to the standard (the written description of breed characteristics that is maintained by the breed parent club). For poodles, that means breeding dogs that are an even, solid color at the skin (that allows for natural shading in apricots and silvers).
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