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Retreiving/Working Poodles

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Can anyone direct me where I can find informatin on any websites or other places that I can find information on Poodles who work/retreive? Never having been around any dogs who hunt or retreive, I don't even know where to start, but I would love for Cash and I to learn.

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This is where systematic training comes in. Most hunt and competition folks use a traditional ear pinch to teach what is called a forced retrieve. You need a highly experienced trainer to show you how to do this and you will need lots of background obedience work before you move on to this step. I don't think you need a "hunting poodle" person. An experienced competition obedience person will do.
Yeah, I just found out about the ear pinching thing a few days ago when I was talking to a trainer that trains shepherds for search and rescue, impulse control, and sniffing out narcotics. She was saying that there isn't really a really kind way of training a retriever, as remote collars are often used as well.

I was getting a little discouraged about the whole thing, not being sure how well I'd be able to harm my puppy, but she sent me a link to this site.


And she knows the guys that does the training, saying that if I wanted the best retriever, it really is the way to go. I'm still considering it, I'm just not sure about the whole process.
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