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Responding to name

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Hi there,

So I am a new dog owner and I am having a problem with my puppy responding to her name. I've had her for about a month and she is actually 3 months old. she responds well to sit and down, but when it comes to her name she really does not respond. Sometimes I think she likes responding to everyone but me, but sometimes she'll ignore everyone all together. I just need some help because its very frustrating! I sometimes feel that she only seems me as "DAD" because she likes to play around with everyone else and I get stuck doing the training and cleaning stuff!!! Lol. I just want her to like me and be able to respond? Does it take a while for them to learn this or is she just picky? HEEEELLLLPPPPP!:questionmark:

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You might try giving her a treat - it can even be a piece of kibble - every time she DOES come to you when you call her name. Keep some kibble in your pocket, call her like you were calling her to a party - all excited and animated...even get down to floor level, head and all...and especially when you give her the treat, say her name, all excited, giving confirmation, and 'good girl'.

On the other hand, are you sure there isn't a hearing problem with her? Does she react to sounds, like the squeak of a toy, when she can't see it?
When Inca was small, I threw my arms out wide and called her as though something really exciting would happen when she came. She is motivated by food, so she got food. My husband then joined in and we called her from different rooms, always rewarding her when she came. I also played hide and seek with her, throwing a toy and then hiding. When she came, I got really excited and played with her with the toy. It's all about making it exciting for her to be near you.
Yep, make your voice higher and exciting, and basically act like a looney lol they love all that. Treats too everytime she comes to you.
I jump up and down waving my arms and calling in the highest pitch I can, I get a few funny stares but if its what my dog reacts to who cares? :five:
These are all great ideas. I also have a problem with Billy. He totally ignores me if he isn't interested in me. He ran toward the road the other day because he heard another dog barking and nearly gave me heartfailure when he wouldn't come back when called. I will start working with him tomorrow to try to correct this problem. It can actually be dangerous!
Wow. Thanks for all the great advice. I guess I need to work on making it more exciting!! i'll practice that. My little puppy maybe small, but she is DEFINITELY FOOD motivated!!! She's a little pig! Haha. Thanks.

Hey here is a question for you, how often do you say her name?? If you're calling her name a lot during the day it may be a case of her learning that he name doesnt really mean anything important so she's tuning you out.

I'd agree with the use of treats to teach her that you are talking to her and for a good reason when you say her name :) But dont wear it out LoL!
Pet her, praise her, and say her name repeatedly as you give her treats. She'll make the association.
Call her to you frequently and make a huge fuss (or treat). Never call her to do something bad.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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