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Hi -
I'm Baby Cake. I'm new to this and not sure how it works. Am wondering if I'm not sending this message to myself.
Well - for those of you reading this - I'm a poodle, miniature 10 - 15 lbs., mostly cream with darker edges on my ears and around my nose. The vets say I'm 5 years old but I act much younger. So maybe they're wrong!
My family adopted me from a shelter on Long Island, N.Y. The shelter, with others, took us from a total of 3 puppy mills they shut down. I'm one of the lucky ones - pretty much housebroken, I walk on a leash, I love most people and especially, love other dogs. My "mill" companions are very shy and lived their lives in cages. I was a free man until - I can't explain how I got into that "mill" predicament.:rainbow:
There's a lot more I have to tell but my mother provider is very tired and has to wake up in 3 hours to get ready for work.
So - another time.
Good - nite for now.
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