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I discovered a week ago ago that as a mod in the photo contest subsection of PF, I can now handle spam in all sections. Maybe I always could but have just noticed with the new platform. Here is the first member that I banned; it's for the 'Movers and packers in Delhi' thread. You can see what I saw in the photo below. I only checked off the 'Ban Spammer' box and did not delete the thread, thinking that it's useful for reference to others on what clear cut spam looks like.

I noticed this mod privilege applies only for new members; beyond a few days or weeks, that's something PF Staff will have to handle. That's fine with me.

This is my intent, which is to only deal with spam when I have the time and inclination, unless Gerrit or another PoodleAdm staff person tells me not to do this.

In clear cases of spamming from a new member, I will ban them and delete their thread - if no other member has left a comment.

Now, what is a "clear case"? In my mind, the person isn't talking about their poodle(s) or anyone elses. The post in usually their first thread is strictly about selling a non-pet related product and is spam that a 4th grader could identify.

What isn't a clear case? To me, this would be a new member who demonstrates an interest in something that has to do with their poodle or about poodles. They might leave a link in their comment or signature for their blog or business, etc.

For example, Patty Poo-bah (a made up name) makes a thread asking or describing something something like,
  • "Where can I find a Minipoo breeder in Minneapolis?", or
  • "My poodle barks too much!" or
  • "Poo-bah isn't eating enough, what do I do?"
Patty also has a link to her homemade poodle pajamas on Etsy, or her dog art on Ebay, or her pet photography studio, or her line of dog hair products.

I will not be taking any action in that case. The reason is her stated intent is to talk about her poodle, and her links are dog/pet related and secondary. PF has numerous precedents for long time members of showing off and providing links to their pet creations. So in those cases, I'll leave it alone.

Fuzzy cases. On the other hand, if Patty Poo-bah is talking about poodles in her thread topic, but also has a links to selling something like Viagra or sex toys as a side hustle, I'll report them and leave it to Staff to handle it. The reason is she may simply have really poor judgment; and if PM'd she may remove those links. If she doesn't, Staff can remove them along with her and her membership if they see fit. We also have a precedent where two or more years ago, at least two longstanding members who hadn't visited the forum in a long time had their accounts hacked and links to sex sites were placed in their signature. A mod simply removed the links so others could continue to enjoy their many threads.

If Patty Poo-bah has an okay poodle thread that also has a link to something non-offensive such her tax preparation office or designs customs handbags for example, direction from PoodleAdm would be optimal. This is because Patty Poo-bah gives the impression she's here for bonafide poodle discussion, but throws in a link in her signature to her non-poodle business.

So that's it. If Gerrit/PoodleAdm is fine with all of the above, I'll lend a hand when not busy. If you have some thoughts about this, feel free to share.

Members, otherwise add a link to any suspected spam on this thread.

[removed moderator screenshot]

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Thanks for doing this !

If we report a comment, can you see the report ? I suppose not or you wouldn鈥檛 ask for us to link it here, but just wanted to make sure.

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Thanks Vita - and I really like your thoughtful analysis of what should and should not be removed and banned.
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First, thank you all for the thanks. Next... on to your comments and questions.

From PeggyTheParti on Post 4: "...P.S. I promise to be a good PF member and not try to sell you all Viagra and/or sex toys."

Very funny! Thanks for the laugh! :)

From Dechi, Post 5: "If we report a comment, can you see the report ? I suppose not or you wouldn鈥檛 ask for us to link it here, but just wanted to make sure."

No, I can't see reported threads/comments. I'm actually glad about that since I'm approaching this a way to help out for now on a limited and casual basis.

From fmj on Post 6: "Thanks Vita - and I really like your thoughtful analysis of what should and should not be removed and banned."

You're welcome. I approached this with consideration to precedents, motive, and intent. There are a number of other problematic situations I can foresee that I haven't mentioned, and would except I don't want to inadvertently give ideas to spammers or those who have an agenda far removed from an enthusiasm for poodles.

To Gerrit/PoodleAdm: There are a number of scenarios I can visualize that would be a huge headache for VS and PF. If they are interested in examples of this, Gerrit or a stand-in PoodleAdm can PM me. At the same time, I'm aware you may or may not want me to act as a mod outside of the Photo Contest forum, and I'm okay with that too, just let me know.

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Okay, I double-checked your permissions and currently, it looks like you are only able to handle this in your own section.

Spam should always be reported via the report button so that it can be logged and handled. To report a post, please click the 3 dots next to the time stamp and select "report".

@Vita I will contact you privately about perhaps increasing your moderator permissions.

I will be closing this thread to avoid any confusion.

- Cricket
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