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Remember my post about males vs. females?

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Well I have both now and I wanted to make some observations. In puppyhood, I don't know if it's the breeding or the fact that she's a girl but Mia is easier to train to do things for me. She's very eager to please and very obedient. If I give her a verbal "ehh" warning she immediately responds and backs off. I can use that for her jumping up, picking up things she's not supposed to, trying to rush into the house before me, rough housing inside, and any number of things and she responds instantly. Harry is a smart dude but he's not as responsive as Mia is and she's only 5 months old. I'm wondering if it's a girl thing or a Mia thing and if I could explore that through obedience classe?

It will be challenging trying to make it to class on time when my husband gets out at 6:00 and classes start at 6:30 but I can do my best and this is a good sponge age to get started.
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It is hard to compare Greta and Cooper because of the age difference and maturity level. But looking back, Greta is definitely more responsive then Cooper was at her age. She is also a big copycat so she is learning alot from him. But also I have to take in consideration when Cooper was that age I didn't have another spoo. But in he last month Cooper has been very responsive to all commands, due to practicing alot of discipline. He seems to be so much more willing to please. Alot of what was going on with him was he was jealous, he was showing some dominate behavior, wanting to be in control and also going into his adulthood.
Last week-end we were at my son's ballgame and he was off leash most of the time and he was perfect....now Greta was another story:eek:hwell: We definitely got some work ahead of us.
But just from how you describe Mia, she will probably be the star of the obedience class. :)
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