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Remember my post about males vs. females?

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Well I have both now and I wanted to make some observations. In puppyhood, I don't know if it's the breeding or the fact that she's a girl but Mia is easier to train to do things for me. She's very eager to please and very obedient. If I give her a verbal "ehh" warning she immediately responds and backs off. I can use that for her jumping up, picking up things she's not supposed to, trying to rush into the house before me, rough housing inside, and any number of things and she responds instantly. Harry is a smart dude but he's not as responsive as Mia is and she's only 5 months old. I'm wondering if it's a girl thing or a Mia thing and if I could explore that through obedience classe?

It will be challenging trying to make it to class on time when my husband gets out at 6:00 and classes start at 6:30 but I can do my best and this is a good sponge age to get started.
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LOL I have found the exact opposite with my dogs. I've had 2 males and 2 females in the past 20 years and I find the males MUCH more willing to please me than the girls are. Maybe because they are "mama's boys" and the girls have a more of a "wild-child" streak in them? But, when I compare the poodle breed (in general) to other dogs in my obedience classes, the poodles (regardless of being male or female) definitely outdo the other breeds.
Yes, it's funny how "everybody" wants a female pup because they've heard all kinds of rotten things about male pups. Love my girls . ... but I ADORE my boys.
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