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Rehoming my minis

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we have 2 minis 7 months old - one is black the other a light red

black one is full of energy, very playful

the red is more of a gentle cuddlebug

Prefer that they would go to the same home but will separate.

Our older dog is just not coping with them as they just want to play with her and jump all over her and her life has become one of fear.

I just can't continue to put her thru this...

The minis are both boys (not show quality) but would be great agility, therapy or just pets.

Housebroken,.. come with beds, crates, toys, leashes, collars and have all up to date shots and what not.

They even went thru a basic obedience class together...

We are in New Jersey.

email if interested.
[email protected]

Thanks for reading... and please let me know if you or someone you know are interested. We are asking a rehoming fee.
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May I suggest that perhaps you need more in the way of obedience classes? Poodles are very trainable, and it shouldn't be that hard to train them not to jump on your other dog. There are trainers who could help you with your specific situation. They sound like wonderful dogs who deserve a chance.

I speak as the proud owner of a dog who was "rehomed" for similar reasons. We (and everyone who meets Marley) can't believe what a wonderful dog they gave up. And I'd take one or both of your dogs if you weren't on the other side of the country.
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