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Red poodles recognized by AKC?

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I don't know if there was a discussion about this already... if there was... I apologize....
I was on the AKC website and looked at the breed standard for poodles... it does not mention the color red as being one of the colors accepted for the breed standard.
For some reason I thought I read somewhere that red is now being accepted - is this true - or am I day dreaming again???
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Also there isnt a option to describe if your dog is a parti. All you can put is what best describes your dog. And yes, no parti poodles allowed in conformation events, just events like obedience and agility.
Yes you can register with AKC as a parti, you just can't do it on the written/printed reg. paperwork that you send in. With Saleen I used the AKC's new online registration and when I got to the part where I specified her color there were tons more choices included partis and phantoms. I was surprised.
I am not sure about UKC but in AKC reds are registered as REDS not apricot.
yes, that is true - Ginger is registered as Red. You can look up the History of the Red Standard by Ilse Konig Shangri-la poodles and another breeder.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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