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Red Poodle Puppies

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Some photos of our most recent litter born August 31st 2009. Beautiful little red heads who we love dearly.


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Lovely puppies!!! What does one need to do to acquire one of these beauties??? I especially like the one with the red collar ribbon!! :) I'll expect her in my backyard (oh, and on my couch and under my feet and in my BED!) in a few weeks, OK?? She's not the most photogenic munchkin, is she?? lol! "Here's my GOOD side", as she turns her back...

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Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on our furry children. Yes, it is hard to send them on to their new families, but everyone of them is so excited and happy. I am hoping they will send me tons of photos and videos so I can watch them grow up. Plumcrazy...your little girl may not be so photogenic, but she is awesome on video. She is a little going concern who never stops amusing me. I will keep the pictures coming while the babies are with me, then when I receive updates and photos from their new people, I will share them too. We are having an absolujte blast with these little characters!!!
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