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I've been a long time lurker but recently made an account as the date where my new puppy comes home is getting closer and closer (Sept 17th is poodle day). With quarantine and stay at home orders in place in my area, many puppy kindergarten classes have been cancelled with no sign of them re-opening any time soon. When I originally placed my deposit for my new bundle of joy back in April or March, I had naively thought that stay at home orders would be lifted by the end of September or beginning of October (as I'm sure other quarantine puppy owners did as well) but that is not the case unfortunately. However, I don't want the lack of in-person training classes to stand in the way of getting the new puppy off to a good start.

I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for any online training programs? I've signed up for the 30 day training program with Zak George through Pupford which seems like it should provide a pretty solid base for the first 30 days (and it's free so why not, right?). It looks like it covers Leave it, Sit, Up, Down, Crate Training, Potty Training, Stay, Common Puppy Behaviors (Chewing, Biting, Jumping), and Come When Called.

However, I'm also looking for a program that may be more comprehensive and cover things like loose leash walking, socialization/desensitization tips and guidelines, resource guarding prevention, etc. either to use along side of the 30 day program or to use after the 30 day program is complete. I've seen ads for SpiritDog Training and absoluteDogs and am wondering if anyone has tried these and had success? Or would recommend a different program that worked for them?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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