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Recommend a super quiet dryer please!

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My Cricket has quite the fear of loud dryers. She really starts shaking when I've used loud HV dryers on her in the past. I've had to return 2 dryers already because they are too loud for her:( She tolerates my regular blowdryer, but that takes WAY too long, and my wrist starts killing me. I've also tried putting cotton in her ears, but that does not seem to help.:) Is there a truly quiet HV dryer out there that Cricket would probably tolerate? Thanks everyone!
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Sorry, I am not sure there is such a thing. We used to own a Bonat dryer that was FAIRLY quiet. Not a high velocity, but rather like our own dryers, just on a stand and much more powerful. They are very expensive now I understand.
Is Cricket the puppy? Don't return another dryer. You can accustom them to the sound this way.

Turn the dryer on but put the hose on the floor with a weight on it (Something that will hold it down to keep it from flopping wildly). Just talk gently while combing an ear or tail. Put the nozzle between your kees after 3-4 minutes....keep brushing the damp fur...do this while she is on the table and HOOKED up or she will flail and fall off. THAT is what sets panic into them. The sound of the drier will become like "white noise" or background sound. If she is still annoyed....put her in a crate and leave that dryer run for about 15 minutes. The longer its on (while you a acting totally normal) the better it will be. The key point is this: If its nothing to you, if you act oblivious, whe will take her cues from you. I DON"T want you to keep repeating "Its OK, that bad old dryer isn't gonna attack you!" If you do that, you might as well forget this process. I'm telling you, it works on even the scarest dogs. Be like Ceasar Milan....CALM but Assertive. Don't give in to your dog's fears...you feeding the fear. I want you to OVERCOME the fear.

For quiet dryers than handle a poodles thick coat, try a Romani. They are pricey...but the cheap ones are the whiniest, loudest ones. Its that high pitched whine like a vaccuum that dogs object to. But I'd like you to try the calm assertive method EVERY single time you do anything your dog is objecting to...such as nail trims.
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definitely work on her with the noise rather than find a quieter one. You can also put the dryer on something very solid on the floor rather than a table or bench that rattles, and if possible you can put a weight on the dryer itself to keep it firm and not rattle too. It's amazing how much extra noise comes from vibration too! And yeah, just have it going as much as possible, in the distance if need be, to accustom her to it.

Even if you turn it on every time you feed her, have it in another room if you need to for her to be ok with it, turn it on and go and feed her. She'll figure out it's not hurting her at all, and she's still getting her dinner! You can move it a bit closer when she's comfortable with it, she might be unsure when you move it, but she'll soon remember that it wasn't a problem before, so isn't now. It won't be long and turning it on will make her happy cos that's when she gets dinner! haha!

DO NOT worry about drying her with it until she really is comfortable with it being on around her. If she has to dry curly, so be it. She may never love it, but she'll learn it is ok. :)
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If you buy a variable speed (one you can control the speed with a dial) and buy a Happy Hoodie, you should be able to get her USED to it :)

I love my CC Kool Dry! Expensive, but SOOO worth it. Even the skittish doggies will accept it if I adjust the speed/force.

The Happy hoodie fits over the head/ears and muffles the sound. I don't have one, but have heard many great things about it.
Others have posted how they like the happy hoodie. I think one person even made their own. Another option is MuttMuffs.


A friend of mine has the malamute (top row; third dog). He will have a grand mal seizure if he hears an unexpected loud noise. He walks with it on and hasn't had any problems.

Let us know what works out for you.
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