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reccent pic of zeph for aiden

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not a great photo but this is the one i have from when they were here in march. mel clipped both the girls really short and bathed them for me. he's on the end, gosh he makes jazz look so dark lol.


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Oh, he's so handsome! He looks just like Vega in the face.
Does Zephyr happen to have a blue harness?

or was he dyed?

very pretty babies though!
Zeph had been dyed previously. It was almost washed out by the time they came to visit though. Not sure what she used. I know she told me but I can't remember. She tried to use a gel food coloring and that looked AWESOME... until she rinsed it haha then it ALL came out and he as white again lol.

LOL, Zeph looks HUGE sitting next to Jazz, he IS taller than both of my girls but I'd like to point out jazz is crouching down ready to jump up or roll over (I forget which) so she's really not quite that short lol.

Haha, Zeph looks great, my two look like some of my clients spoos. All clipped down for easy maintence *sniffle* It needed to be done though, so glad that somebody came and helped me out with it.
Hey, there is nothing wrong with keeping your spoos short, you just had a baby!!!

I had to shave Jamie down, I started with a 4, but then switched to a 5 (I misplaced the 4 for round two

She hadn't been clipped since the babies were born (except for FFT when the pups were 4-5 weeks old) and was looking pretty rough And I keep Gotti shaved with a 10 all over (even TK ears and tail) so I dont have to do it as much, I have 2 showcoats to deal with, and a litter of pups, although I would like to keep them all in lamb trims or something prettier, its just not feasable right now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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