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Poodles always seem to be anticipating what's next. To tune Peggy into specific verbal or physical cues, rather than my unconscious body language, we've started playing this game:

I get her sitting and focused on me. I then build suspense by calmly but slowwwly saying "Ready, Set...."

And then I enthusiastically throw out a random command—

Lie down!

Whatever you want.

As long as your poodle knows a handful of commands, you're good to go! I follow with a click/treat. You can reward however you like, but the reward is key.

I love how Peggy focuses on my face while we play. I can see her feeling a little conflicted, too, wanting to repeat the last command or eye a nearby prop, but flexing her still-developing impulse control as best she can.

I also love the stop-go rhythm of the game. It's great for reining in poodles who can get a little wild. (Ahem, Peggy.)

If you give this a try, let me know how your poodle likes it!

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That sounds like fun and is quite clever!
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