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Ready for grade 2

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Well folks, my little girl Inca did me proud on Saturday - pity about the owner. We were in a grade 1/2 combined agility class. Over the first jump, up the dog walk, quick change of direction, 2 more jumps, over the A frame, another jump, through the tunnel, a circle of 3 jumps, over some more jumps, through the weaves, over the see saw. My friend had her hands ready to clap, the ring steward likewise. The judge was there at the finish ready to clap - I was so chuffed at her performance, I stopped handling and she ducked out at the last tyre, brought her back and sent her through - 5 faults. Even with the retry at the tyre, her time was 42 seconds. The winning time was 44. Dogs ready for grade 2, pity she will have to wait for her handler to catch up.
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Lol, I nearly got my first clear round in Novice (grade 2 most likely for you), it was a basic coil, like an m, if you loop it in bottom bit (confusing?), no change sides whatsoever, perfect most flowing course I have ever run. Had A-frames, dog walks, tyre, tunnels jumps etc. So we were going great, It was a bit sludgy due to the rain, and I hadn't invested in touch shoes yet, (you can probably tell what gonna happen), as she had just come of the A-Frame, there was a jump ahead, at the coil, so it was a nearly 180 degree turn. So Saffy jumps it, and I try and turn, stop etc at the same time, to direct her on the dog walk, BUT, I skidded and took the whole jump out, fell on my ass, covered in mud, and Saffy just stood there looking at me as if I was crazy lol
Anyway, that stuffed us up, and we would have had a reasonably time, plus we probably would have got placed, oh well:doh:
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