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June 2019 Voting Poll For PF Photo Contest With All Entry Photos *Re-do*

  • 1) Media Poodle - Chinchillafuzzy & Luna

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • 2) Media Poodle: Jojogal001 & Stella

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • 3) Media Poodle - NWPoodle

    Votes: 12 75.0%
  • 4) Traveling Poodle: Poodlebeguiledm Matisse & Maurice

    Votes: 9 56.3%
  • 5) Traveling Poodle - Reraven & Zephyr

    Votes: 9 56.3%
  • 6) Traveling Poodle - Rose N Poos, Neo & Remo

    Votes: 5 31.3%
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ANNOUNCEMENT. Big mistake on my part. This morning I uploaded the pics for June Voting Poll, but got a message from Poodlebeguiled that I put one of her two photos in the Media Poodles Category instead of both photos in the Traveling Poodle Category.

So far five members have voted and no one else seems to have noticed. This is likely b/c the photo looks like her poo is looking at a wide screen tv while sitting next to flowers. That "tv" is actually the window of her car!!! What a blunder! I'm closing and deleting that thread and this one is the re-do.

So let's try this again...

Welcome to the May 2019 Photo Contest Voting Poll!

Hello, poodle lovers! You are casting your votes in two different categories:

1) Traveling Poodles - Your poodle or poodle mix is in a car, plane, subway, train, bicycle, motorcycle, skate board, and even on piggyback! You may enter 1 to 3 photos.

2) Media Poodles - Your fur baby is watching TV, the Internet, on your computer, cellphone, or "reading" a book. You may enter 1 to 3 photos and meme it if you want.

Please read carefully:

1. You can vote for your favorite entry - or as many favorites as you like. No one except you knows which entry(s) you voted for. Your votes cannot be seen by anyone as far as I know, except Poodleadm.

2. You cannot change your vote once you save. Thus, please take your time in trying to decide. Enjoy the entries, and it's fine to come back later and read again until you're sure.

3. The Voting Poll is open until early Monday morning, July 1st around 7:15 am East Coast Time, or around 4 am West Coast Time, with awards and screensaver gifts to follow that evening an Awards thread.

Good luck to our contestants and thank you to the voters
for giving PF that extra sparkle!​

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All photos have been uploaded and you may now vote!

Remember, the Voting Poll closes early Monday morning on July 1, at around 6:20 pm East Coast Time, or 2:20 pm West Coast Time, with Winning and Screensaver Awards that evening.

Again, my apologies for the mix up!

Good luck, candidates!

EDIT, 7/03/2019:

The Winners' Awards & Screensaver Gifts are at this link!
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