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Oops, now I see I should have introduced myself before posting in the ‘Feeding Raw’ thread.
My apologies, admins.
I’m here to share the most amazing experience we’re having going raw. I’m going to start a thread in
‘Poodle Food’, about our dogs' health transformation.
We have a 3 year old Standard who’s a lucky dog, we’re retired and home with her. She only wants to
play, she’ll catch frisbees all day, and then surprisingly, does quite well catching them at night!
We’re considering another dog to keep her busy. I’ve had a lovable mutt most of my life, from an
abused Pointer in Alabama to a German Shepard in Vietnam.
Nice to be here, looks like a great site!

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Welcome! I look forward to reading about your experience with raw, and Peggy sure would love to live at your home. She thinks frisbee's the greatest, but I find it leaves her a little too amped up.

What's your poodle's name? Hope you'll share some pics!
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