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Is it really necessary to always blow dry your toy poodle after bathing her?

I only blow dry belle after bathing during the cold season so she doesn't freeze. Even then she's not always COMPLETELY dry before I let her run.

I keep her coat short so I never really thought it to be necessary to always blow dry her..

It's not that I'm too lazy it's just the blow dryer really stresses her out and I hate "torturing" her so to speak.

The bath itself is a disaster within itself I just don't like adding more stress onto her. In fact the ONLY time when she isn't a pain for me when bathing her is when I jump in the shower and she goes in there with me. She's pretty calm then but if it's a tub full of water she FLIPS out.

She used to not be like this so I don't know why all of a sudden she acts as if she's dying in the tub. :(
I think as long as your brushing her out I don't think you need to. BUT I would blow dry around the ears and neck area, try not to leave that area damp. As I discovered it can collect a smell.

If she is good in the shower with you, thats good if she shows stress. I do not place them in a tub of water I stick with the spray only. :)
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