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Managed to get a few piccys of my puppy Rainbow, she will be a year old this month and the silver is really starting to come out in her.


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Rainbow is gorgeous! Reminds me of Scooter, but he hasn't
began to dilute that brindle color off yet.
Thanks, she looks quite big in the pictures but she is tiny for a standard. i can make my finvers meet if i put my hands around her tummy if that makes sence? she is just built very small i havent had one like her before was a little worryd before!
How long have you been grooming yourself? Your dogs coat looks
amazing! :)

I don't know too much about Standards, but I can tell you that
my Miniature Scooter is built small also. He is a miniature but is
the same size as a toy poodle and at 7 months, I don't believe
he's going to get much bigger. But its no big deal though, I
honestly LOVE his flaws. :)
I dont do it any more, as i am at uni now, i used to help out when i was at home with faces and paws but my dad did a lot of the grooming. He converted the garage to a grooming room with a bath and two tables in. He has just invested in some Andis, he used to have some Oster A5's along with a massive collection of sissors and what not :O
He has been doing it for about 13 years but his health isnt very good.
The only thing that worrys me is when Sunny decides he fancys her, i would hate for him to try it on as he it a lot bigger than her.
I would like Sunny in a Dutch clip but im not getting anywhere with my parents lol
Aww, I love Silvers, they rank 3rd on my "must own one day" list of colors ^_^

Is it common for them to have such curved tails like that when undocked? I have rarely seen a natural Poodle.
I am not sure about the tails as she is the first we have had which is un docked, Rainbow tends to hold hers up all the time but when i took her to puppy classes her sister had hers down all the time.
She is beautiful! I love her happy tail! Some of my poodles have tails that curve up over a bit!

I think a nice long curved tail is so pretty on a poodle with a Continental Clip!

I am jealous of her color...what a pretty shade of silver. is that what some call platinum?

I look forward to seeing more pics of her and your boy, too!
Thank you, when she wags it bounces ether side of her body, i love that she us such a happy dog! pictures of Sunny are in another thread. im not sure quite how her silver will turn out yet she is a year old this month so shes still got colour to come out, shes always had a silver face from a young age.
She is beautiful. I thought she looked like a smaller standard. My standards are also smaller - well Ginger is about 42 lbs.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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