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Quick color question - Gray

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I was filling out Saleen's registration paper and got to the part where it asks you to enter the three digit code for what color your dog is. Among the options were Blue, Grey, Silver, and Silver Beige. Blue, silver, and Silver B. I understand.

What qualifies as gray?

I know Saleen is silver, so it doesn't matter for her paperwork. I was just curious about the grey.
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found this hope it helps

The outer coat of a blue poodle is nearly as dark as that of a black, but their inner coat is a mix of colors. The amount of each color depends on the age of the dog. In middle-aged dog, medium brown predominates. Blues may take several years to "clear" and remain darker than silvers. Many are registered as black.

The graying gene leads to a gradual accumulation of white hairs in both the inner and outer coat. However. the change from black to white is fairly abrupt for each individual hair (i.e., there are few hairs intermediate in color between black and white compared to blues).

The gray dogs of unknown genotype have an outer coat similar to a dog with age-related graying, except with a bit more white. They have an inner coat with a substantial amount of all colors, similar to a blue, but with more white. We suspect that these grays may be blue dogs with age-related graying (G_Vv)

In silver dogs, as in blues, the transition from black to white for each hair is gradual, but occurs at an earlier age. A substantial proportion of the outer coat is medium to light brown, but they have virtually no black in their undercoat.

I do not know much about colors, but I found this for you and it sees to give and easier explination.
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