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I thought I would bring together a list of questions put together on another thread that might be helpful to any members who are considering adopting a rescue poodle (or other dog).

- Where is she from and why was she given up?
- How long has she been with the shelter/ rescue?

- Is she potty trained?
- Does she bark a lot?
- Is she crate trained?
- Does she play with toys?
- What was her behavior like when groomed?
- Has she shown any signs of aggression, shyness or other temperament issues?
- How would you describe her temperament overall?

- How is she with children?
- How is she with other dogs/ cats/ pets?
- How is she with women versus men?

- Do they offer a vet check before committing?
- Does she have any known health problems?
- How are her teeth?
- How is her eyesight?
- How are her joints?
- What is she eating and what is her appetite like?

Please feel free to add any questions that I've missed!
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