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Questions about the poodle coat

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Can you tell me about the various coat types of poodles? I know there is coarse, which is preferred, and then soft, but that's about all I'm aware of. The coarse is better for shaping trims, right? Does this mean it's thicker and stronger, or is it just stronger & doesn't flop down like the soft coats?
Is there any way to make a "soft" coat stronger and coarser to help shape the coat in grooming?

Another question (sorry haha), when does the coat change from puppy to adult fur occur and how long does it usually last? How exactly can I tell if Des is going through his coat change?
His fur is curly on his back, but it's not really tight or strong curls, it only curls at the very end, and the rest is fluffy. And it's usually surrounded by a lot of straight thick fluff, but it still looks cotton-y and is very soft. I use Miracle Coat's Leave in Conditioner but only on his body/legs to help with brushing out & preventing tangles (it does the job!! smells great too). I've only used it twice though.. is using this going to cause a noticeable change to his coat?
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ya can get all sorts of poodle fuzz, paticularly when you take into account all the byb poodles...

A nice crisp coat has coarse feeling guard hairs, they are almost wiry and springy, very strong and thick.

You can get thick and thin coats, coats that seem to mat up quickly and others that don't, you can get curls, and waves, and even stick straight in some of the byb ones! You can get limp floppy hair, and frizzy afro hair, and everything in between.

And there are products that can *help* a soft coat, but at the same time you can't really change the genetics of how it'll grow! Ie, you can't get a black person with a natural afro to actually grow long straight hair. Sure you can straighten their hair, but it won't GROW straight.... Or vs vs, getting someone with long straight hair to grow an afro!

Puppy coat change is usually at around 9-14 months old, though it can vary. The length of time it takes varies too, but you're usually looking at a good month of really keeping ontop of that combing out the puppy coat at least daily.
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