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So, It's pretty late, but I decided to give Fly a bath. It's been two weeks and she's a hot mess.

I want to clip her short this time around as it's already in the 80s and I want her to be comfortable. Last time I did her body it looked like she got into a fight with the lawn mower (ok, not THAT bad). Got any tips/pointers for me on getting her coat to look more even?
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Did you use blades or snap on combs or scissors?

In all cases freshly properly bathed (I'm talking squeaky clean) and perfectly fluff dried will make *the* biggest difference to getting a smooth even finish.

Back combing as well helps a lot. Clip it down, and fluff it back up again, clip it down, fluff it up. Do that a few times and you'll be getting a smoother cut than if you just trim trim trim without fluffing back up! :)
Thanks! I am posting pics of the finished product now. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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