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As you may or may not know, I work as a veterinary practice manager (I do some tech work too), and I can bring Flip to work with me every day. I have been (for the most part) dragging him around with me wherever I go.
I left him home today for the first time (crated) since Saturday when we picked him up.

He is about 6 months old, according to the rescue.

Is this bad for him? Will I cause him to become too attached to me if I keep bringing to work with me? I don't want him to get separation anxiety. He pretty much wants to be with me all the time, but he isn't demanding, he just kinda flops out next to me, at home, work, etc.

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I do that too, I'm a groomer and Paris comes to work with me 99% of the time, day in and day out. But occasionally I leave her at home for the day too ;) Just so it's never a 'biggie'!
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