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Question.. soiling floor, why?

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Coco, my 3 yo mini ( we have had her 3 months), is in second week of heat.
She has started soiling the floor, loose bm. Her diet hasnt changed and shes housebroken. Or was !!

We are using the puppy pampers for her heat, and she has been chewing the butt out of the diapers. My bf thinks this could be whats upsetting her stomach.

I just know cleaning up poop every am is icky !

Any idea why she could have started doing this, or could this be side effect of the heat ( first time I experience this too).

Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful.
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I would get her to your vet to be checked out. If it's loose, and she can't seem to hold it, there might be something going on that needs medical attention. It could end up being nerves (IBS), but I would want to get her checked out to make sure that's all it was. Good luck. I hope she's okay.
This is likely not associated with the heat cycle. Although, do know that just like a human, a poodle in heat has internal water retention which causes swelling -- which can put additional pressure on the bladder depending on the placement of the uterus.

The other issue however is NOT necessarily associated. I'd talk to a vet before you assume she has lost her house training. This sounds like something else. Generall Poodles do NOT like to make mistakes ... though I am not a Mini expert ... I do know that my dogs get a look of embarassment when they have an accident (again, humanizing the issue but you know what I mean).

I'd monitor food and water intake to see what is going on, potty more than regular, and if there is any loss of weight, dry mouth, etc. get the dog to the vet for a discussion.

Not to be paranoid - but better safe than sorry in our house.
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PS: Also take her temp - she could have an internal infection. The pads are great, but a dog has to be able to clean herself in order to avoid contracting pyometria (spelling is off). Bladder infection, UTI all also come to mind. These are easily addressed with a basic - usually inexpensive -- antibiotic.
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