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Hi all!

My family is interested in purchasing a toy poodle. This will be our fourth dog in the family! Does anyone have recommendations for reputable breeders? Most of the information online has been out of date...

Thank you! Have a beautiful day!

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Hi and Welcome!

I'm going to direct you to a Breeder list being compiled from suggestions by PF members over the years.

It's not unusual at all for breeders websites, when they even have one, to not be kept up to date. My suggestion is to look over any/all in your target area, and for the areas you're willing to travel to, then definitely look at the multi-state/region/province listings for a large number in one swoop.

Once you've found some breeders who seems to be offering what you're hoping for, call or send them a brief email describing yourselves and what you hope for in a puppy and ask the best way to continue communications.


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As Rose n Poos touched on, I've learned that this is the rare situation in which a slick, meticulously up-to-date website may actually be a negative! The best breeders don't seem to put much time or effort into their web presence, and virtually none into marketing

Try searching here for any names that you land upon, to see if anyone's shared their experience or has a dog from a previous litter.

And here's a really good general guide, which you might find helpful:

Welcome to Poodle Forum and I hope you'll keep us posted on your journey!
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