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Puppy yelp and is limping

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Daisy is 9 weeks old, she is a standard puppy weighs 12 lbs. She was playing in the house with my 15lbs miniature 7 year old and all of a sudden I heard her yelp and crying and she is limping. They were in the hall and she does not get on furniture so it is not that she jumped. She walks a few steps and lays down, she is now sleeping on my bed. I really thought it was her front paw, but when I picked her up she yelped again and now I think it is the back leg. It is 6:30 pm, her vet is closed and she is sleeping,,, should I take her to he emergency vet or if I keep her still do you think I can wait for the morning to take her to her regular vet. If she does not limp again, do I not worry or should she still be checked out. She went to the vet last week when I got her and the vet said knees and patellas were fine.

What do you guys suggest.... thank you
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Vega was playing with my neighbors husky and got hurt. It wasn't intentional, Vega was trying to jump over something and missed and he was limping slightly for about 4 days or so and then he stopped. Everyone at the grooming shop was giving him extra attention and love so I think he did kind of link it to the limping. I've noticed now when I correct him for something or while eating food i'll tell him "no" that it's not his he starts to limp, lol! They sure are clever!

He's fine now though, he's back to his jumpy and bonucy self.
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