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Daisy is 9 weeks old, she is a standard puppy weighs 12 lbs. She was playing in the house with my 15lbs miniature 7 year old and all of a sudden I heard her yelp and crying and she is limping. They were in the hall and she does not get on furniture so it is not that she jumped. She walks a few steps and lays down, she is now sleeping on my bed. I really thought it was her front paw, but when I picked her up she yelped again and now I think it is the back leg. It is 6:30 pm, her vet is closed and she is sleeping,,, should I take her to he emergency vet or if I keep her still do you think I can wait for the morning to take her to her regular vet. If she does not limp again, do I not worry or should she still be checked out. She went to the vet last week when I got her and the vet said knees and patellas were fine.

What do you guys suggest.... thank you
If she is sleeping and doesn't appear to expeirence discomfort, I would wait till the morning and see your regular vet. Let us know if there is any change.
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