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Puppy Pictures of Saffron

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We've had Saffy for just over a year now, and she has been the best dog ever.
We got her when she was 3 1/2, so we've only ever seen her as an adult.
But, seeing all the really cute pictures of all your puppies prompted me to get in contact with her old owner, and ask if we could get some.
So, yesterday we went to a dog show where I entered my Dobermann pup, and on the way we passed through the town where she lived. Her old owner didn't want to see her, but she left some really cute pictures in the letter box for us, and a note saying once she had found more, she'll pass them on as well.

So here we are!
This one is my favourite, because she is so cute!

This one is what she looks like the most now
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After her first groom with a cute ribbon in her hair, she has always been a lovely dog to groom
All tuckered out! She must have been as active as a puppy as she is now!

They aren't great quality, because I had to scan them from actual hard copy photos.

And to show you a picture of when we first got her,

She had to be clipped down because she hadn't been groomed for about 5-6 months and was apricot when I first saw her

And one more now

Current photos will be on another thread that I took at the show we went to
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woohoo!!! She's gorgeous!! Yay for puppy pics!! heh
What a beautiful baby! So glad you were able to get them.
Puppy pictures are the greatest! It's really neat that you were able to get them. She is so beautiful!
She's beautiful, but I'm curious to know why she was an apricot when you first saw her. Did she change or was she just that dirty?
Charmer, she looks pretty light to have been apricot : )
Sorry lol, I meant apricot because she was so dirty!
We met her at the groomers before her first groom, and saw her for the first time. Her old owners paid for the groom, and we got her for free. Then we went away and came back in 3 or so hours and picked her up.
We were told on the phone she was apricot, and I don't really like the apricot in standards, but nevertheless, we had to get her. And we came back, and I pointed out that there was a white standard in there as well, that had just been groomed, when in fact it was her!
She looked so different and was ice white!
She's been white for a long time now, but has recently developed a creamy/apricot patch down her back and spots around her which make her look dirty next to the white. We think it has something to do with coat change to summer? but don't really know, because It didn't happen last year when we got her
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