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How much is too much? 😄 I have so many puppy pictures since Kuzco is just under 5 months (Also - Hi, I'm new here 👋)

First day home:
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Second day home:
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Little teeth (anyone else obsessed with little doggy teeth?)
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Learned "Sit" in one brief session - afterwards I went to the kitchen and came back to this... "More treats, mom? I'm sitting on my bed."
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Sleepy puppy ears (part 1 and 2):
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Kuzco in a hole (replaced the motor on the septic system) *Also, yelled at him right after taking the pic to get out of the dirt, but he was too cute not to capture.
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I know I should do a separate post to introduce us, and/or dump photos, but couldn't resist sharing all of these puppy gems 😍
Soooooooo cute❤🥺!!! We can never have enough puppy photos please post as many as you like!!
161 - 180 of 190 Posts