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Puppy is here...

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and Im definitely allergic to him :(
After about 2 hours last night my eyes and nose started getting all itchy...waaah.
I'm going to call the Dr this afternoon. If its only me who is allergic and the kids are all fine, I'll see what meds I can go on to keep him.

He is such a sweet puppy....Im totally in love with him. He was such a scaredy cat last night but this morning he was really happy and playful. He slept 8 1/2 hours in his crate last night..woohoo! Only one pee accident so far and he's doing great for never being on a leash before

Im going to be so upset if we can't keep him. Keep your fingers crossed that we can make it work

ETA: I gave him a bath last night too and he was very well behaved
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Oh how awful for you...I have really bad allergies too! I use the Zyrtec becuase my outdoor allergies are so bad, and that helps me with dealing with my dander allergies too. I have heard great things about Singulair as well.

I would take him and have him groomed (perhaps in a shorter hair length style) and see if that helps in the meantime.

I would also be sure he has NO FLEAS...sometimes breeders forget to mention when they need their next flea preventative and flea bites can somewhat resemble hives.

Not to mention you can be allergic to fleas, their bite and their leavings...so while the dogs my only be part of the problem the dander and other stuff on him might actually be what sets your allergies off.
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