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Puppy food

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What type of puppy food do y'all recommend for my spoo baby? We bring him home tomorrow and I plan to finish shopping for him today.

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I would ask your breeder what they have been feeding him. If you switch too quickly, it can cause indigestion and stomach upset. Since everything else in their life is changing, it's kind of nice to have something be the same as before.
My spoo was on Iams lg breed. It had to be the lg breed..the breeder had him on it because it didn't have to much protein. I think that is what she said. She doesn't feed the adlut dogs Iams but the brand she was feeding the adults the puppy food had to much protien?? She didn't feed the adults Iams, I think it was Royal..not sure tho. But as the pp said it out be better to keep him on whatever food he's been on and leave it at that till he's settled in (or she).
I feed Blue Buffalo, I have tried other brands and none have stacked up, except Wellness which has very close nutritional values and ingredients, but mine like the Blue better, so they would not eat the Wellness, both are great but the Wellness is less expensive. I will stick with the Blue, I have been feeding it for over a year.
I feed my poo Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lovers Soul.
Go to www.smithpoodles.com
they have the food rating chart that was done by an independant study. It has almost all the foods and is a great chart. Most people are shocked at the rating on some common foods. I know I was.
Thanks so much.

I checked out the smithpoodles.com and I'm completely impressed that Costco's Kirkland brand for both puppy and adult rate an A.
I'm surprised by the Kirkland Food rating... good for them! :)

I feed Snoops Royal Canin Puppy 33, and at this very minute as I sit next to him... I'm transitioning him into Halo Spot's Stew for Adults. He seems to be loving it! There is also a Halo Puppy Food - not a bad price either.. 13.99 for a 3lb bag (it's $10.49 if you order from their website).

Good luck with it!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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