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My previous boy Sting was a BABY when I brought him home. He was 12 wks old when I got him and man did he play up alot of situations. Grooming him was a challenge since he didnt like it AT ALL. He would yelp and cry like I was beating him when I would shave his feet. He was a stinker!

I just kept on my rutine with grooming and let him yelp through it until he realized it wasnt going to get him out of the grooming session. While the yelping part got better every groom, he hated and fought being dryed for about 2 months. Then soon he gave up the fight and all was good for grooming. I tryed to bathe and blow dry him once a week.

As for learning his crate rutine.....that took a little bit too. He did yelp and cry loudly for the first week or so. I would just tell him NO thats enough, in a sturn voice and carry on about my bussiness. I made a point to do 2 or 3, 1 hour sessions per day to help him with adapting to the crate also. Bedtime wasnt so bad because his crate is located right next to my bed where he could see me. I recommend while he's young to have the crate in your bedroom to help with the bedtime rutine. Plus you can hear the signs of a puppy needing to do his 2am potty break if he's next to you. That is usually tossing and turning or the obvious whining.

Sting actually decided he loved his crate and would go to bed on his own by 4.5 months old.

Those are my suggestions based on whats worked for me. Sting was a cry baby at first but by 6 months he really became the clown and show off I was hoping he would be. I love a poodle that wants to clown around. lol
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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