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Here are the brownies this morning. Everyone, including mom, has a full belly.


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I love little puppy pics. Thanks for posting these new baby pictures.
Awww!! They're so little and so cute. I would love to help someone with their new poodle babies :) I wouldn't want to be in charge (no experience) but I would love learn how to care for them and mom.
Aww, thanks for the update on the little brownies!
So sweet!! There is something special about a mother and her babies.
Nice rich, brown color on those babies and mama, Carole. Everyone looks so peaceful and contented. Congrats on your beautiful litter.
Their beautiful!!!
Tis the season for puppies~!

Such a rich chocolate color.
too CUTE So happy for you and this NICE litter!!
One day I hope to be mom to a black or brown spoo! I love my Rusty so much! I think at some point we would add another. But maybe another from a rescue just like he was!
Awwwwwwww! Sweet! They look good size. Congratulations!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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